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Search for the descendants of Danish WULFF family in USA.

Theodor Wilhelm AUGUST Wulff ( born 21st of April 1855 in Lorentzensgade 504 E 1 in Parish Holmen, Kjøbenhavn / København ( Copenhagen ), DENMARK / DANMARK ), immigrated to New York around 1879. Married twice. First time married in Manhattan, New York the 3rd of January 1882 to Helene Olsen (born in Kristiania ( Oslo ) in Norway), who died 12th of February 1891. Then second time married in Kings County, New York the 22nd November 1895 to Letitia Jane Henry (born 12th of September 1871 in Brooklyn, New York, died 12th of October 1936 in Chicago).
Theodor Wilhelm August Wulff lived in New York until 1901, in Toronto, Canada 1901, in New York 1905, in Cedar Falls, Iowa 1907, and from around 1910 in Chicago, Illinois. In his very old age he lived in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and he died 14th of February 1946.
August Wulff was burried 16th of February 1946 at Mount Emblem Cemetery at Elmhurst, Illinois.

His children:

1) Wilhelmine Wulff, born 15th of January 1885 in New York, died 16th of March 1956 in New York, 2) Andrew Wulff, born 13th of February 1888 in New York, died December 1963 in Pinalas Park, Pinalas, Florida, married to Grace Brown born 17th of April 1894 in New York, 3) Georg August Wulff, born 17th of May 1898 in New York, married to Edna S Johnson, 4) William Henry Wulff, born 24th of November 1899, married to Edith Montague, 5) A triplet Wulff born and died 8th of August 1907 in Cedar Falls, Iowa 6) A triplet Wulff born and died 8th of August 1907 in Cedar Falls, Iowa, 7) Herbert Spencer Wulff, born 8th of August 1907 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. died 22nd of December 1959, married to Phyllis Lelia Wilson, born 1909 died 2000, 8) Ethel Wulff born 26th of January 1912 in Chicago, Illinois, married twice. First to Crawford, then to George Fiedler, 9) Eva Letitia Wulff, born 12th of May 1915 in Chicago, died 2006, married to Clarence Theodor Johnson.

His Grandchildren:

3a) Sherley Wulff, born 1927 in Chicago 4a) William Montague Wulff, 4b) Robert Spencer Wulff, born in 1927? in New York, , 7a) Phyllis Charlotte Wulff born 1932, 7b) Joan Eva Wulff born 1934, 7c) Arlene Marjory Wulff born 1936 7d) Herbert Wesley Wulff born 1941, 8a) Jean Crawford, 9a) Amy Johnsson, 9b) Linda Johnsson.

His Greatgrandchildren:

I have knowledge of 25 greatgrandchildren with family names: Hoier, Wulff, Hokanson, Brinkman, Lange, Johnson and Popkes

I'm able to give information about August Wulff's forefathers.

Theodor Wilhelm August Wulff's mother Friedericke Louise Wilhelmine Schlichting was born on the (today german) island Femern/Fehmarn.

Ich suche Nachfahren von dem Berliner Ehepaar:
Johann (Joannes) Wawrzyniak (1882-1915) und Maren Johanne Elisabet Larsen (1882-1935)

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